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Hi, I’m Anne Heck. Welcome to my website. My intent with these pages is to provide you with some words of inspiration in hopes that you will grasp onto something that lifts you up, that heals you, that takes you to that place of freedom and wholeness. I know this has already happened for many who have visited here. Now, it’s your turn. I encourage you to open yourself to the possibility of becoming more of the perfection that you already are, to find within yourself some new jewels to admire, to grow and learn and relish in the joy of this journey. You’ve chosen this place above all others in this very moment and I trust that you’ll be touched in some way by what you find here. So, I welcome you; peruse these pages to discover what is resonating with you. I encourage you to keep focused on what you want out of life as that’s what will reveal itself to you. Be conscious of the joy in this moment. And grateful — always immensely grateful. The choice is yours. Many ask me about myself. I have a story just as you do and you’ll find more about that sprinkled throughout these pages. And for those who may want to know more, I think that sharing what I love is ultimately what creates connection. I love riding my bike down a smooth open road on a cool summer’s morning. I love picking wild berries in summertime. I love finding my voice as I write. I love soft tiny fingers connecting with mine. I love splashing in rain puddles. I love hot tea on a cool afternoon. I love spirit-filled laughter from children young and old. I love being sung awake by birds. I love the smell of fresh baked bread. I love the stillness of the mountaintop. I love.

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