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brilliant.jpgDon’t make Spirit too small
Lest It become hidden amidst books
Dog-eared and dusty high on a shelf
Or as the sun fades
Forgotten against the backdrop of night

Don’t make Spirit too small
One flowered stem of beauty
The magnificence of which is
Absorbed into life’s landscape
Overlooked as the boy’s finger
That holds the dike

Don’t make Spirit too small
Our cares overshadowing
The Omnipotence that breathes
Life into the newborn child
And dreams the magic
Weaving of a snowflake

Don’t make Spirit too small
Like the mud-filled puddle
Which soils our shoe
While the mighty tide pulses our being
Bringing infinite treasure ashore

Don’t make Spirit too small
Like the lone song of woodthrush
Drowned in the chatter of mind
Its sweet morning reverie
One piece of the orchestra
Embraced only by the rising sun

Don’t make Spirit too small
For as you magnify Its essence
You become blinded by Its Brilliance


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creek dreams

creek dreamssweet-smelling
creek waters
into fertile banks
which like a sponge
soak up
the ever-giving flow of days
days filled with leaves
in whirlpools of light
gurgling voices amidst
rock outcrops
dreams suspended

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children.jpgBarren as my daughter’s cradle
Her quilt still folded neatly
I contemplate my reflection
Eclipsed by kitchen light

As I sift through piles of dishes
And memories of dinner blessings
And holding hands
Hands so small and soft and full of life

I take in my world through timid eyes
Squinting for fear of being seen
Like a child who hides her face
And wonders where you are

I find myself
Hidden in years of mothering,
Still as the doll perched on the dresser
Waiting to be found by those searching

One morning I discover myself
Draped across the sun-dappled sheets
Exposed as the unforgiving colors
Emblazoned on a white canvas

Remote treasure now unearthed
Wild vines spring forth
Boasting tender full berries

Awaiting hands to set them free
Lips to exploit soul’s yearning
Such voluminous flow
Overcomes the page, the portrait

Still life no longer still
I open the bedroom door
Into a new day

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native.jpgWise one,
Weave your blanket with mine
Firelight dances in your careful eyes
Heart strings in harmony
Sing gratitude for this connection

You, warrior, armed with gentleness
Walking tall in your truth
You breed clarity with your conviction
Love with your wholeness
Peace with your word

Drum beats quicken as I draw close
To that mirror which is you
I breathe deep into your knowing
At peace with the fullness of your gift

I celebrate your creation, you creating
The magic that is you

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